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If you dream of a better future, you can prepare for it, even without papers, AND you can pay lower in-state tuition instead of out-of-state tuition. This is possible because of a state law known as AB540. As a result of AB540, to prepare for your college dreams YOU may:

  • Attend a California high school for three years
  • Graduate from a California high school, and
  • Fill out an affidavit that says you will apply for US residency as soon as possible.

If your dream is to go to the finest college or university you have to work hard in school by taking college preparatory courses (i.e., the UC and CSU A-G course list), getting good grades, and staying out of trouble.

Even if your grades are not the best, you can go to a California Community College. There you can take the courses that get you on the pathway to a Transfer Curriculum so that you qualify for the University of California, the California State University, or an independent (private) college or university.

Students that do not qualify for AB 540 can still go to college, although it will be a bit tougher financially. Thousands of others are doing it with scholarships and you can too.

There is a law that protects the confidentiality of student records. Check out FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) for more information on how to talk with your family about your private information.

There are thousands of undocumented students studying and graduating with the associate’s degree, baccalaureate degree, master’s degree, professional degree, and doctorate right now. There are support groups, services available to help you succeed in college, and scholarships to help pay for college.


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